A few years ago, St. Mary’s raised $2.1 million for Phase I of a 2-phase project that updated our worship space with new windows and carpeting, improved our HVAC system, and completely paid off our debt with the diocese left from previous projects. Then, Covid halted our Phase II plans and changed the world. We scrambled to reach out to all parishioners on the phone; started streaming Mass online; and adjusted to a world where we have new considerations about health, comfort levels, and personal space.

Now that we’re worshiping together again, we are ready to finally re-visit our needs for Phase II, but – more importantly – we need to ensure that our parish community feels welcomed and recharged. Initially, Phase II included an updated entry space and a more formal, prominent church entrance. Is that still what we want? How will a new building project help enhance St. Mary’s and help us thrive?

Click the links below to follow the progress and/or offer your feedback on St. Mary’s Planning for the Future projects.


06.14.22 – Phase II Campaign Video

05.01.22 – Phase II Campaign Brochure

02.21.22 – Town Hall Meeting 2 Follow-Up

02.13.22 – Town Hall Meeting 2 Video…

02.13.22 – Town Hall Meeting 2 – Come learn more about atrium plans and more!

Fill out this form with your feedback on the questions from the St. Mary’s Town Hall Meeting on 11.21.21…

12.07.21 – Town Hall Meeting Follow-Up

11.21.21 – Town Hall Meeting Invitation

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