Scrip: The “It costs NOTHING” Fundraiser
Earn $$$ for St. Mary’s Parish and School with your regular shopping!

What is Scrip?

SCRIP is a fundraising program where you simply purchase actual or electronic gift cards that are used just like cash. You pay nothing extra! Purchasing a $25 certificate to a participating merchant allows you to buy $25 of merchandise, and these merchants give a portion back to St. Mary’s! By utilizing Scrip, we can earn up to $60,000 for our school and parish! Without spending an extra penny!!!

Where can I use Scrip?

Many, many vendors participate in Scrip including grocery stores (Shop & Save, Dierbergs), restaurants (Red Robin, Imo’s, Culver’s, McDonalds, Panera, Starbucks, etc.), gas stations (BP, Chevron, Shell, Marathon, etc.), drug stores (CVS, Walgreens), and a huge variety of other retailers (Kohl’s, Macys, Bath and Body Works, Gymboree, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, AMC theaters, Pottery Barn, Shutterfly, iTunes, AutoZone).

Please keep Scrip in mind when buying groceries, gas, planning travel, eating out, doing home improvements, and buying anything from shoes to a new lawn mower!  For a complete list of vendors, please visit Shop with Scrip.

How can I purchase Scrip?

There are many easy ways to purchase Scrip!

  1. Scrip tables will be set up after many Masses – use cash or a check to purchase in-stock gift cards.
  2. Come by the school office anytime (8-2, M-F when school is in session) to purchase in-stock gift cards.
  3. Order with a quick e-mail:
  • For those with children at St. Mary’s school, download the Scrip Order Form with your order from InStockScrip, and e-mail it to (sending payment with your child) by Monday.  Gift cards will be sent home with your student or available for pick up in the office on Friday.
  • Parishioners without a child at St. Mary’s school – down load the Scrip Order Form with your order from InStockScrip, and e-mail it to by Monday morning for pick up at Mass that weekend (you will pay when you get your cards at Mass).

4. Prefer ordering online for immediate use or managing all your purchases through an app? Manage your purchases through the ShopWithScrip website or download the app RaiseRight. For more information on ordering online or setting up RaiseRight, please see our Online Scrip Ordering Instructions.

Can I use a credit card to buy Scrip?

You can use a credit card if you are purchasing scrip online. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept credit card purchases at the tables following mass or in the school office.

What if the Scrip I want is out of stock?

No problem! We can usually get out-of-stock orders to you within a week. Learn more about ordering out-of-stock Scrip…

Do Scrip Gift Cards ever Expire?

No, unlike some gift cards, Scrip cards never expire or decrease in value if not used within a certain time frame.

Does Schnucks support Scrip?

They do!  But they do it a little differently.  Stop by the Scrip table or school office to get a Schnucks card that you can register for St. Mary’s, then simply give the card to the cashier to swipe every time you shop. Learn more about Schnucks’ Scrip Program…

How does Scrip work with Schnuck’s New Rewards Program?

In the new Schnucks Reward Program, when using the My Schnucks Card that has traditionally been used for scrip, all purchases will now be applied to a shopper’s personal rewards account, benefitting the individual shopper. However, the shopper can ask for purchases to instead be applied to St. Mary’s scrip, but that is not the default. So if you still want your Schnucks purchases to go toward scrip, you’ll need to be sure to state this during checkout!

Where do the profits go?

Scrip profits support both St. Mary’s Parish and St. Mary’s School.  In the parish, Scrip profits support general functioning, office supplies, and various ministries. At the school, Scrip helps support such things as the computer lab, new hymn books for school Masses, new textbooks for all grades, student assemblies and field trips, the Fine Arts programs, Robotics, and Space Camp.

Wait – I thought Scrip was only a St. Mary’s School thing?

Nope!  The profits earned by Scrip support both St. Mary’s Church and St. Mary’s School!

This sounds like such a great program – How can I help?

We’re often looking for volunteers willing to give about 30 minutes after Mass.  Please visit contact Laura Pawlow or Steffany Chleboun for more information or with any scrip-related questions.

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